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The stakes of the Board in a world in digital evolution

Digital technology incites unprecedented fear among executives (CEO's, Directors) of historic economic institutions, as they are put under pressure by disruptive forces caused by newcomers who apply rules that are fundamentally different from their own.

Read further the White Paper  of our Associated Thierry Janssen: «The stakes of the Board in a world in digital evolution». (in French)

"Every business needs to question its economic model"

This was the title of an article published in Echo Connect, raising questions that leave no company executive indifferent.

JiTM's mission is completely in line with this thinking.
Its partners guide company executives in progressively reinventing their business models.
Furthermore, thanks to their experiences and researches, they coordinate innovative projects (digital, organizational, mergers/acquisitions...).

This article is written in French. Read it further here

Entrepreneurs are on their own!

When everything goes well entrepreneurs can usually
talk to their environment about their successes.
But when business is not going so well, who can they turn to with their concerns?
To their partner? Probably not.
To their friends when they are at the gym? Very unlikely?
To their management committee? Not a chance!

In order to give their customers a better insight in the decisions they have to make Just in Time Management will act as a "Sparring Partner". Why? How?

The New Market Realities

"To govern is to foresee and not foreseeing is running toward ruin" - Emile de Girardin, 1838

This quote might be over 180 years old, but it'smore relevant than ever in times when changes occur in rapid succession and "without notice". Each of us is aware of a series of social changes that have arisen since the beginning of this century, often supported by a technological development that changed the way we "consume" and try to understand our world.

Read further the White Paper  of our Associates: «The New Market Realities». (in french)

The Digital , business growth drivers

Throughout history, new technologies have impacted the industrial and economic world: the hoist to build the pyramids, the plow to cultivate the fields, steam power to build faster and better infrastructure, etc...

All of these technical innovations have contributed to the acceleration of our companies and made it possible to offer competitive advantages to its users.

Read the White Paper (in French) of our Associated Thierry Janssen: «La Transformation Numérique des entreprises».